Red Deer Hunt 2018 "SZARAK" till 8 kgs

€3.795,00 €1.995,00

This year we organize a unique Red Deer Hunting at the hunting association "Szarak" in Poland. Do you want to enjoy and experience the red deer hunt at Poland in our region? Our region has a lot of beautiful woods, lakes and fields. Are you ready for our red deer hunting? You can hunt a red deer with a maximum weight till 8 kg trophy with us. So what includes this hunting experience?

  • 4 nights all inclusive
  • 3 hunting days
  • 6 outs
  • Weight trophy till 8 kg


  • €1.200 cash back if there was no chance of shooting a red deer
  • Additional costs for first red deer from and above 8 kg is €550
  • Additional costs for second red deer - till 8 kg trophy is €1.200
  • Additional costs for second red deer - from and above 8 kg trophy is €1.750
  • Required insurance €115
  • Transport costs €50, cash for our guide
  • Prices are based for 1 person

Convinced? Book your hunt today at us! Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

large hunting field: 12.000 hectares
kind of hunt: field mixed with woods, lakes and swamps
black wild slope: 110 wild boars
culling red deer: 40 red deers
grade roe deer: 85 roe deers
grade fallow deer:
night: pension
reserved for guest hunters:
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