bokkenjacht in Polen

Hunting in May:

The first 2-3 weeks of hunting season, which begins in Poland on May 11 is the most effective period in hunting. While the hunter has the relevant rifle skills, than he is certainly his hunting success. Mostly the hunter is in range about 3 to 5 days, and then bags average 4-6 roe-bucks, although it happends much more results. In the Olsztyn’s district you can bag a roe-bucks between 300-450 g., but more often you can find antlers weighing over 500 g. In the past few years 100% organized huntings in May were successful.

Hunting in July-August - rut:

This type of hunting is directed to hunters - connoisseurs looking for old stags with strong antlers. Hunting is more difficult, requires more skill hunting, and the invaluable assistance during the hunting is the ability to lure roe-bucks, which provides unforgettable memories and emotions.

The length of a hunt is similar to hunting in May and achieved results largely depend on the skills of proper lure. Last season hunters during the rut acquired an average of 3-4 roe-bucks of antlers mass often exceeding 400 g.